Thursday, March 28, 2013

little forest fairy

When you have several photos that are very similar and you have already scrapped your favourite photo on one page, what do you do with the others? I had that dilemma. I scrapped the best photo last year, which was published in Australian Scrapbook Ideas. Now I  had no more of that paper, but several more photos. Here's a solution: Use a similar colour scheme and scrap all those leftover photos in a fun pattern of circles. You can use up to 6 photos that way.

Now I have 2 pages that are nothing alike but will sit well together in an album. (I have already given the page on the right to my sister, so I can't take a photo in similar lighting, but you get the idea.) 

We will do the circle layout in class next week, so if you haven't passed out from an Easter chocolate overload, come along! 

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